Karen Stintz bows out of the mayoral race

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Watch above: Karen Stintz drops out of the city’s mayoral race. 

TORONTO – Karen Stintz bowed out of the mayoral race Thursday morning due to a lack of funds and support.

Stintz made the announcement during a morning press conference at city hall where she thanked supporters and said she would not be returning to city hall as a councillor in October.

“Absent a more substantial level of support, I must conclude my efforts,” she said.


“After three terms, I am proud of my accomplishments and believe I have served my constituents and city well.”

Questions were raised this week after Stintz stayed mum on a series of highly contested recommendations the TTC board voted on to improve transit service, an organization she was the face of for nearly four years.

Poll numbers had consistently shown Stintz well behind fellow candidates Olivia Chow, John Tory and Rob Ford.

Stintz took a few minutes during her press conference to stress the need for the city to fight gridlock and build transit infrastructure, suggesting the downtown relief line should be the city’s top priority.

“One of the greatest threats to our city is congestion,” she said.

Stintz chose not to endorse any of her rival candidates though all four of her main competitors, Ford, Tory, Chow and Soknacki issued statements thanking her.

WATCH: Mark Carcasole explains what led to Karen Stintz’s decision to drop out of the race

Where do her supporters go?

Chow wasn’t willing to speculate when asked Thursday.

“I never predict how, you can’t predict how people react,” she said. “I think it’s important we focus on what we can do for the city.”

Though she did take a few minutes to point out that she agrees with some of Stintz’s priorities including working with the school boards and building the downtown relief line.

Soknacki admitted he would appropriate some of her ideas including taxing unused commercial buildings.

Ford however said he’s confident her supporters will vote for him.

“Stintz voters obviously know that her and I share the same ideas,” he told reporters at city hall. “The majority of issues, we’re on the same page. On October 27, I’m very confident they’ll come my way.”

WATCH: Olivia Chow comments on Karen Stintz dropping out of mayor’s race.

Who’s next?

Rob Ford, Olivia Chow and John Tory aren’t likely to drop out of the race before October: the mayor has been adamant that despite his many controversies, and Olivia Chow and John Tory frequently place at the top of polls.

But Soknacki polls in the single digits, and admits he’s a long shot.

“Well I think the general population needs to recognize that this campaign is a $2 million campaign. If you don’t have a party behind you, if you don’t have well-heeled friends, it’s certainly a big challenge. It’s certainly been a challenge for myself,” he said. ”I’ve had the discussion [about exiting the race] with my campaign manager, we do every month.”

Stintz did not take any questions following her brief press conference.

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